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I’ve Bought A Xedos 6 And It Was About Tree Fiddy

By Tim Smith


Today’s alphanumeric communication is brought to you by That Sense Of The New That The New Year Brings, or TSOTNTTNYB, for short.

About a month ago, I bought, with some cash (not all of it mine), a Mazda Xedos 6. I’m still unsure as to whether it was a complete mistake, but more on that later, first, the news:

For a bit of the year, about a three month bit, I was driving around a BMW Z4. Now, if I type Z4, but keep my finger on the shift key it spells Z$. My goodness pop-pickers, it was just all of that. Badger me, and I may just do a post about it.

That concludes the news, now back to the program.

‘So?’ say, you, ‘what about this Xedos?’ And also, ‘when are you gonna give me that 20 quid?’

Well, I’m not sure about that last bit, probably next week, as for the car, it’s got some miles on the clock, which, I have to say, I think are probably irrelevant, it’s a loverly dark blue (at least some of it is), and it has what should be a creamy smooth V6 connected to what should be an equally silky 5-speed manual ‘box.


Looks good from afar…


Upon start up, it taps a little bit in a ‘I’m a hideously complicated non-interference engine, so this clicking could be something deep inside of me and probably expens… oh, it’s okay, I’ve stopped now’ way.

Also, it idles somewhere around the 300rpm range, unless the heater is on.


But, I’m afraid, it’s far from nice.


But, all of the electrics work, it has a sunroof, and it has a sunroof.

Did I mention it has a sunroof?


There’s also this.


Cosmetically it is, well, bad. Like beaten with walls and bollards bad. Here’s the thing, though, it cost me £350. And the sunroof works! And it’s electric! The sunroof, that is.


And this, among the rest…


Clearly, there is a big list of bits and pieces to be done, which, if you come find me next week, I’ll let you know all about.

Until then, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.









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