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Land Rover Show’s Us How A Real Concept Car Should Look

By Tim Smith


I suppose it’s an obvious off-shoot of the whole autonomous car thing. If you can sit back and relax while it takes you to London, or Munich, or Paris, or Stroud or someplace, and  it can go and find a parking space, then come back when you need it, then *surely* there would be room to tap into that and actually control your vehicle for things like erm… well, you know…

This and six other technologies feature on the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept. Now *that’s* what I call a concept car.

The video above gives most of the information you need in short terms, but to bullet point (because everybody loves a good list) is to be closer to god. Yes it is.

1. The next generation of Terrain Response features a Klingon officer, an Android and an empath who wears tight costumes that… no wait. Terrain Response, that’s where I was.

The new terrain response programme uses infrared LASERS that scan the road/track/school field ahead, and activate the appropriate Terrain Response program. Terrain Response.

Holy topological take down, Batman

Holy topological take down, Batman.

2. An autonomous driving system that allows the driver to remotely control the car. The example given is for obstacles that you may encounter that cannot be easily navigated from the inside of the vehicle. Actually getting out of the car to get a better vantage point could help you see that sump busting rock, or where to find that last bit of grip. Takes away the fun if your our mucking about, but if you’ve actually got to be somewhere, or someone is relying on you (say you’re the UN or an emergency service) then it all starts to make more sense.

A real world example, something closer to the everyday, is being able to back the vehicle onto a trailer or trailer hitch. If you’re one of the posho’s who’s likely to buy one of these machines, this could actually mean something.

Yes, and yes.

Yes, and yes.

3. Smart Glass. Yep, it’s everywhere in our collective gadgety minds at the moment. Are we going to look like total morons when we’re all walking around looking into our glasses and talking? Probably. This, however, scales it up car-sized.

So, all of the glass in the Vision Concept is smart. Coupling this to head-up displays and it can be used to ‘see’ stuff that would normally be hidden by the bulk of the car. The PR gives an example of someone driving past the Empire State Building and being able to access Wikipedia via the windows in the car, blending augmented reality with a touch screen interface. I-Drive is about to look somewhat archaic.

4. Gesture and voice control, something that has been around for while now, now comes with a new twist. Land Rover write that the ‘in the next 25 years we will use gaze and biometrics to interact with the vehicle’. Perhaps a reactive climate control system? A sensor that detects where you are looking and indicates when you forget?

5. ‘The transparent bonnet

6. LASER COMMIUNICATIONS. Yes, it’s always justified (for the time being, at least) to use caps when there are LASERS involved. In this case, the new LASER lighting tech can be used to project messages onto the road ahead or behind. Perhaps a large warning triangle, or an image of a man about to blow chunks, if someone is about to blow chunks out of the side of the car. Or a giant penis to indicate that the driver is a giant penis.

Yes, what the police find offensive will be the limit. I’d put a significant amount of money on this being a popular thing in the modified car scene…

This picture doesnt show what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. I promise you, it's a thing.

This picture doesn’t show what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. I promise you, it’s a thing.

7. Some water proof surfaces and seats. Not so ground breaking, this one, but seven is definitely a cooler number than six. FACT.

*All* the washable seats.

*All* the washable seats.

Take note, everybody else, giving a something a stoopid name and saying it’s a groundbreaking concept car is effectively a lie.

Now, who’s for wondering whether any of this tech will actually work on your totally reliable JLR product?


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Audi, Now With Added Lasers.

Audi has announced its 2014 LMP1 R18 e-tron quattro race-car (aren’t numbers and letters great?) will have LASERS.
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation devices are usually used by DJ’s and/or the military to look cool or bomb stuff or something, but Audi had mounted several mini Lasers onto the front of this years Le Mans competitor with the aim of giving their drivers better night vision.

Audi claims that the Laser Diodes are twice as bright and twice as efficient as the LEDs that will continue to be used for the low-beam setting on the R18.

You know what? All of this information is interesting, cool etc, but while researching what Audi were actually using, whether it could actually be classified as a Laser (it can. It’s very similar to the Laser that scans our shopping, or plays our DVDs) I found the coolest picture of a military scientist ever:



Playing, ahem, sorry, experimenting with Lasers while rocking Aviators. I think that’s all of today’s awesome taken care of.

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