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Ford Opens The Order Book For A RHD Mustang. Oh, And Sienna Miller Has A Shower.

By Tim Smith

Ford will offer the first 500 Mustangs to be sold in Europe during a football game*. 150 of those will be offered in RHD, and for us, here on this rainy archipelago, this is a good thing.

Both fastback and convertible versions will be offered up for order with either I4 Ecoboost (2.3 litres, 309ps, 407Nm) or V8 (5.0 litres, 426ps, 529Nm) motors.

Ford says that the RHD Mustang will be made in the UK when it goes up for sale in 2015.

Steering wheel orientation not pictured.

Steering wheel orientation not pictured.

Now that’s all well and good, but mainly, I’ve liked the web page they direct you too. First (actually third but details, details…), there’s a timer. Second you notice that as you scroll down there is a neat shutter effect. Oooo, ahhhh…

Then, as if by web-based elastic trickery there’s Sienna Miller. It looks like she’s just had a shower, ’cause her hair is all slicked back, which is lucky, ’cause all she does is leave dirty great big paw prints all over the Mustang as she has a bloody good look ’round. She also kicks the Mustang. I have no idea why, but she won’t be getting in on any of those Autotrader ads that say ‘NO TYRE KICKERS’, I can tell you.

Miller McGrubbyhands

Sienna Miller McGrubbyhands in ‘I still can’t work the damn crop tool properly’ picture.


Then, she gets right inside of the Mustang, feels up the steering wheel and pretends to do some driving. Next, after feeling up more of the cabin she appears outside again and clicks her fingers. As if by magic nothing happens.

Sienna appears a little annoyed by this so she approaches the front of the Mustang and effectively mounts its bonnet in a mating position as old as time itself. To finish, she tells us she loves an American accent. Which I do too. So that’s Sienna Miller/Tim Smith: 1. World: Nil.

Sienna Miller mounting a Mustang. Yep, that’s happened,

We’re also invited to watch a behind the scenes making of video. Which I didn’t.

Keep scrolling and you get some nice pictures of the Mustang, which actually, is quite good, as it’s a handsome thing.

Keep going, though, skip the hipster-esque video (trust me, you’ve got better things to do with your time) and we finally get to my favourite bit, a good ol’ fashioned info-graphic showing the Mustang at the movies.

The last two slides are a video of the last 5o years of Mustang (cool) and some more graphicy things giving you all facts about the Mustang and stuff (which is also cool).

Overall I liked the Mustang’s European website. But, and I never thought I’d say this as a hetrosexual male, less Sienna Miller humping, please.


* I honestly cannot be bothered to explain this.



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Massive Ford Meet At Beaulieu MM Will Be All Kinds Of Trotting Excellent


By Tim Smith

Remember how a while back, just a couple of weeks ago, you know over there, back in time a bit, we said that The Beaulieu Motor Museum is bloody brilliant and has a massive calendar of events for all the family?



Well, here’s the story.

And here’s the first widely publicised event.

Loads of Fords.

Loads’a Fords.

Yep that’s a massive event for Ford fans, drivers and aficionados alike. Celebrating 50 years of the Ford Mustang, expect a strong showing of pony cars with their owners/keepers all trotting around, winnying with pride.

The coolest bit might not be the cars though, it’ll be the trade stands. Being up to my neck in car guts is the life for me. Yepidee, yep, yep.

This man is happy he bought a Ford Focus RS. You would be too.

This man is happy he bought a Ford Focus RS. You would be too.

The event will be held on the 4th of May and Ford owners are being encouraged to bring along their own cars to show off to the world. Entry fee’s are £10 for an ‘adult’ and £5 for a child.

Personally, if I had the means I’d prepare a rat-rod style Scorpio. Now, *that* would be awesome.

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