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Bombardier In Good News Shock



By Tim Smith


It’s been raining for bloody weeks. Every time I walk to work I get wet. You’re probably in the same poorly constructed boat as me, so guess what? Some good news.

Bombardier (the company that makes those wonderful, rumbly, Cummins Diesel, Cross-Country trains that I keep calling ‘Bombadeer’ – it sounds cooler)  have been announced as the winner of the £1 billion deal to supply trains and rolling stock for the £15 billion project to connect east and west London through a series of tunnels.


The government of these fair(ly soaked) isles has said (although it’s not clear exactly who) that this should secure in the region of a thousand jobs.

It’s been rocky times of late for the Derby plant that will be fulfilling the contract. Losing out on several major deals had meant that the last (and one of the oldest) train manufacturing plant left in the UK had an uncertain future. For now, train manufacturing is here to stay.


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This Man Is a Bell-End




By Tim Smith


Cummins Diesel engines are excellent. In fact, quite a few of them, all linked together in a Bombardier train, regularly transport me between Bristol and Cheltenham. It makes the train all rumbly. I love those damned things.

Do you know what I don’t love? Ocean-going, Galaxy-class Bell-Ends. Here’s one right here, doing some smoke on some cyclists. What a Bell.

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