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Comparing Rockets Will Also Suck Hours From Your Lfe


By Tim Smith

Remember all of those made up things that for some reason I/we really wanted to know the size of?

Well, how about some actually real things that we can know the size of?


Autoeclectic: For All Of Your Size Comparison Needs. (Also, ChartGeek)


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Honda’s ‘States Advertising Is Bizzarre.



By Tim Smith

I’m not entirely sure who’s responsible for Honda’s ‘States advertising strategy, and, as always, I’m sure they’re just trying to pay the bills, pull that barmaid down that bar where they got a bit too pissed and may have shouted several embarrassing things at the very top of their voice, or something…, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on over there.

Jalopnik got all up in their grill just a couple of days back because of an ill-timed advertising campaign depicting some hip types, or hipsters, as the new totalising phrase calls ‘them’, doing some sort of a protest in Detroit.

Before that we were all treated to a bizarre experience involving another ‘hipster’ doing ‘hipster’ things while hanging around the Fit’s (Jazz’s) plinth at the Detroit Motor Show. Here’s a taste:

Notice the actor seems to be being all ironic about taking a selfie. I have no idea whether he’s extracting urine from Honda or actually trying to make it work.

The caption below his name calls him an ‘Automotive Expert’ but he later seems to think that the Fit/Jazz has two gearbox’s. I know, I know, it’s all in the semantics, but come on. Why not caption him ‘Honda Sales Representative’? And/or get him an editor?

The Jazz has long been the fodder of older demographics in the UK, despite several attempts to suggest otherwise by Honda. I don’t think this is a bad thing, the Jazz is easy to get in and out of, easy to drive and efficient. It is reasonably priced and offers good reliability. If simply getting around is a priority, then it’s one of the best cars in its class.

I’m unsure of the buying demographic of the Jazz/Fit in the ol’ US of A but from this advertising campaign (IT’S FOR YOUNG, HIP TYPES, YES IT IS, IT REALLY IS.) it seems like they might have the same perceived problem.

It is not a problem, Honda. Old people are people too. That is all.


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Shell Have A Crystal Ball, You Can Find A Link To It Here.

Shell oil have predicted that the last internal combustion car will be built in 2070.

Make no mistake, Shell are one of the most powerful oil companies in the world, and, unsurprisingly, they’d like it to stay that way. As part of this they have just released a report looking forward to the future of energy use on a global level. You can find the full report here. Believe me, it makes for interesting and sometimes disturbing reading.

Back to that headline figure, though. Although Shell have predicted the end of internal combustion cars late in the 21st century, they have also outlined that they think a national hydrogen infrastructure will have taken over for ‘long haul and heavy loads’. Interesting, especially as Elon Musk would like you to think along alternative lines.

It is also interesting to note that, although this is a prediction, a hydrogen network would be more in line with the type of company that Shell is. An electric one would not.

Another part of the report states that ‘the global average temperature rise overshoots the current 2˚C goal.’ Also, ‘as greenhouse gas emissions follow a pathway towards a high degree of climate change.’

There is still much climate change skepticism within the ranks of the motoring press, and, perhaps, the population at large. It is almost (almost) refreshing to see such a big player admit, in bold terms, that things need to change, that what is happening is a reality.

Like it or not, change is blowing in the wind, but the structures of supply and delivery will aim to remain standing throughout the coming storms.

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You know how your Focus, or that nice person’s Focus from down the street doesn’t have a V8 or RWD? But why, you scream with existential angst. Why have they done this to me? I can have noodles in a pot and cold beer and free porn on my computer, smartphone or tablet, we are the apex predator on this planet, why shouldn’t I have a Ford Focus with RWD and a V8?

Well now you can’t. But you can watch a Ford Focus, or more accurately a space frame chassis with Focus panels bolted on doing some racing.


But will it be profitable? I mean, all’s well and good being all exciting and throwing cars that have no resemblance to anything I can buy, even though it looks like something I can buy, ’round a track. But Can I Turn A Profit?

Well, Sir, yes you can.

“We want to bring the focus back on serious affordable racing,” says (Mark) Woolley. “We can offer a readymade national series with rules, regulations, commercial rights assistance, prize funds, structure and homologated cars with everything but the bodyshell complete – it just requires buy-in from teams and franchise owners who have identified this is a viable way of making money from motorsport. Global Touring Cars does not aim to compete with any existing Touring Car series, but to create a new niche in the market. This is through the combination of the design of the GTC car and our desire to create a network of GTC franchises.”


You know the actual what? I think this is cool.


Surely the whole deal with doing touring car championships is that they actually resemble an actual model. Race on Sunday sell on Monday? What do you think?

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