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Google Autonomous Car Round-Up

Google, those scamps that know everything about you, have, over the last couple of days gone all press crazy with the release of various bits of PR relating to its new baby autonomous car. Or e-car. I think. This post will be a short round up of what the various news sources have been saying, along with some videos by Google themselves.

First up, the Conservative party’s megaphone, the Daily Telegraph, and a piece that is not only pro, but, in a slightly back-handed way, questions the validity of the HS-2 rail project.

‘It changes, too, even the biggest infrastructure projects: HS2 may go very fast, but so can cars and these ones will pick you up from where you are and take you where you need to be, slashing total travelling time.’

Fair point.


The BBC, with a fairly bland piece, explain the in’s and out’s…


This is google themselves, taking the safety angle. Really this is the most obvious thing to talk about, because no matter how many people-caused traffic deaths we experience, something involving a machine is always going to seem that bit more difficult to articulate.


The Guardian, have done a bare bones report, but through the New York Times, address why there are no controls.


The indefatigable Jalopnik have not only covered the news, but posed a QOTD. Interesting angle, really. Getting to the centre of what people think about something is often about fear or happiness.


Car don’t seem to be interested. Autocar, on the other hand, straight from the typing fingers of Lewis Kingston have written what is probably the most simple and informative piece of them all.


But then something funny happened. Looking for a laugh I rolled up to the that supplier of fear and hate, the Daily Mail. And do you know what? Actually, it is them who have done the best job. Comments section still makes for entertaining reading, though…

Seen anything else that’s grabbed you? Comment below.


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Steve Sutcliffe Loves The New Cayman GTS. Yes. He. Does.

By Tim Smith

I love driving. You love driving. It’s why you’re here.

I think I love driving more than almost anything else. Except the obvious, of course. That’s like like comparing, well, the obvious with driving. They’re just different, but I love them both very much.

Steven ‘Steve’ Stutcliffe likes the Cayman GTS very much, thank you very much. I think he likes it more than anything else. And you know what? I’m just well jel.

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Dream Boating With Meaden and Sutcliffe In A Ferrari Is The Actual Best

By Tim Smith

Last night as I closed my eye shutters and drifted off to the ol’ dreamland (where stuff happens in public with no pants on and that TVR I thought I was driving had turned into a bike and I’m somehow lost in a garden centre) something of the YouTube vids I’d watched must have lodged in the ol’ mind grapes because I dreamed that wheel/pen smiths Sutcliffe and Meaden were having dinner with me.
It was Meaden’s birthday and we were all out in Clifton sipping wine and exchanging anecdotes. We had a capital time.
I told ’em all about how I had trouble telling the difference between them when I first discovered Autocar and Evo had YouTube channels. They took it well.
The real reason we’re here is to put three Ferrari The Ferrari videos in one place.
First up is Top Gear Magazine’s. It’s a tease, this one . All noise and zooming about.

Next up is Sutcliffe. He does get rather excited:

Last is Meaden. If anything, he seems a little underwhelmed. Perhaps he’s just had some bad news or something. Either way, one of the most interesting things about the video is that you can actually watch him learn the limits of the car. As the video moves on you can watch him hold onto the gears longer, squeeze the big Ferrari a bit harder. Coupled with his dry delivery it makes for an interesting contrast:

Now, I believe that’s all of today’s Ferrari taken care of.

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