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Mitsibishi Need You.

By Tim Smith

Mitsubishi, erm, well, yeah… they were cool at some point, right? The Sigma was like a Japanese Senator, there was the Galant VR-4, the FTO and all those Evo’s. Oh, and the Shogun was competitive at some point.

Most of this stuff, though, was JDM only. Sure, plenty of FTO’s made it over here, the odd VR-4 rumbles around and the sight of an Evo still stirs me, but really, what have Mitsubishi got?


Well, these days on the shores of this island, not a lot. You’ve got the Mirage, ASX, Outlander and Shogun to choose from. Quite apart from any of these cars being competitive, where are the quick models? The interesting models?

Sure the Outlander boasts the ‘world’s first hybrid SUV’, which I’m not even sure is true, but where is The Performance? Where are the cars that the Japfest lot would migrate into after mucking around in old FTO’s, 3000GT’s and modified Colt’s?

Well, everybody with a Mitsubishi, now’s your chance to be heard. Mitsubishi are planning a 40th anniversary ‘grand tour’.

‘We are delighted with the varied range of ‘classic’ Mitsubishis that have entered”, said event coordinator Simon Slade. “Some of the cars are in original condition, whilst others have undergone significant restoration. Either way, each has been selected on merit by meeting the entry criteria and being worthy of inclusion.’

‘Selected’. Say’s it all really.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some extra people turning up, though. You know, get the ol’ hotdog van/L200 making some money.

So, If you love your Mitsubishi, go along anyway. Join the parade. Show Mitsubishi UK that you care, that you would like to see a better current range, with more interesting stuff, and that Mitsubishi are cool.

The event will be held on the 31st of May at Rendcomb Airfield in sunny Gloucestershire. That Mike Brewer chap off the ol’ telly will be there, no doubt wheelin’ and dealin’. Or something.

You can keep up with the news of the event by going over to Mitsubishi’s web page.

I wish you luck.




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Elijah Wood Is On A Budget Too.

So you’ve been doing some acting and it’s going fairly well. After being in a Hollywood film where a comet hits the Earth and everyone’s favourite Penguin documentary narrator is the president of the ol’ States of ‘Merica you get a phone call from a bloke who claims he’s remaking the Lord Of The Rings. Have you got a spare ten years or so?

As it happens, you do, and a few years later ALL the bills are paid FOREVER.

If you were, in fact,  Elijah Wood visiting a rainy little island for a starring role in a new film about Dylan Thomas you’d probably swan about in all Range Rovers or something.

Well, you’d be wrong. Damn Wrong:

Elijah Wood prefers an ASX.

Elijah Wood prefers an ASX.

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