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Watch The Geneva Motor Show Being Constructed


By Tim Smith

The Geneva Motor Show is just around that corner. Just down there, at the bottom of the street. If you wait just a bit, you’ll see its massive overblown weight come hulking into view with all dancing girls and stuff.

Can’t wait? Well, for this year they’ve web-cammed up. Find them here. In the mean time, here is a picture I took at the 2009 Geneva show of a certain Alfa sports car.




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A long, hot day serving the hoi-polloi in a mildly air-conditioned restaurant and a colleague has a day off, deciding to spend it with friends outside on our not unattractive but road plagued ‘terrace’. I get off early as it’s quiet. I join the group and we sit in the sun bantering about work. I raise that I’m trying to find a cheap car and joke about an Alfa I’ve found. Turns out friend of said colleague is an affectionado. Turns out he’s had many an Alfa experience. Loves ’em, turns out.

This sends me to my first phone call of the Hunt For A New Car. Or, The Hunt.

So here it is:  Image

Looks good, has mild miles and is the right colour (red fades badly) but alas, has no service history. What do you expect for 500 quids? Well, something I can sell on.

Next stop sees this rare metal and rubber LJK Setright preference:



Was lookin’ only yesterday.

It’s gone. There was something sus’ about it. Just cant quite remember… Perhaps I was jus’ dreamin’.

So, I’e got a soft-spot for Rovers. I would Really like to own a V8 75 at some point. This next offering was something Car referred to as polished turd.


Such a remarkable trait can be found, it seems. This one, doesnt look the best, though. Compounding the already brittle alloy of the ad is the sellers total lack of spelling. I’m not a grammarian, and anybody who’s ever read this blog will know that my spelling isn’t perfic’ but with spell-checking and browser spell-checking and smartphone spell-checking and the whole of human knowledge but a google away, there really cant be much left to excuse except for wilful ignorance. Cant be doing with that. Have to contend with that too much.

Again, 500 quids you scream. Well eff off. I want some clarity and a bit of promise. It does exist. I’m tellin’ you.

Went and looked at another couple of Preludes (the afore mentioned LJK cars) but most are beginning to rust or have starship spec milage or have been tickled by some modder or two. No t’anks.

I trawl for another hour or so, W124’s with massive miles and a tempting Bravo HGT. The easy option is to go for a sorta tidy Ford KA. It’s the logical option, I like ’em and they are simple things. Problem is they are too proliferate. this is Autoeclectic. I wanna have an eclectic time, drive something I’ve never driven before and generally have something to write about, which brings me too Alfa’s Fiat’s, old Merc’s and  messy hot Rover’s. So perhaps I need to set down some ground rules, parameters if you like.

In the mean-time, these two caught my attention. And yes. The Michael Schumacher reference is genuine. Google it, or sumin’.



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