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Tuesday Video: Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide.

By Tim Smith

Tamir Moscovici will probably be familiar to you through his thirty minute documentary, Urban Outlaw. I liked that film. Most of us liked that film. But then I didn’t like it. My reasons were more to do with my politics than any aesthetic consideration. Indeed, Tamir’s film about Magnus Walker is pleasing both on the eye and the ear.

Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide is no different. I think it may be a little unfair to attack its lack of coherence, although it should be flagged, perhaps with an emphasis that this was a commissioned piece. Nobody woke up at the beginning of the project with some noble goal of making a film about art or life or machines. But, it does have its moments.

At one point Kazunori Yamamouchi is walking through a wooded area. He kicks a tree to dislodge the beetles that live high up in the branches. There is something significant about this.

Fairly early on, we meet the physicist/artist Robert J. Lang. While describing an origami fold-pattern he states,

‘It’s less than a blueprint, it’s more of the abstract essence’.

You can then watch him run this sentence back through his mind, take pleasure from it.

Bookending the main body of the piece is Dr Michael Gervais. The beginning opens with a short explanation of ‘flow state’. It is something that has stayed with me for the days and weeks after first watching it. Upon the third and forth watches, the note taking stage of this short review, it is his final statement that now sits inside of my thinking, fermenting:

‘The Creative expression, the ability to become so masterful at something, and so thoughtful in the basic elements of how it works, that’s when the artist in all of us can be expressed.’

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the very stuff of life.


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Tuesday Video: Solving The Big Problems Is a Choice

By Tim Smith

When the United States’ ploughed a significant share of its national budget into sending some of its citizens to the moon, the cynics claimed that it was a tactical move.

While there is some truth in this, the endeavour, involving 400,000 people, 20,000 companies, universities and government agencies, was achieved, in the words of a certain president, because it was ‘hard’.

This little ten minutes of your life will not give you answers as to whether we should be using technologies to solve the big problems, rather it shows you, us even, that we have a choice.

‘We used to solve big problems’, and we can again, perhaps, in another ‘convulsive, collective effort’.

Always remember, it’s up to you.


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25/03/2014 · 16:54

The Fast And The Furious Is A Terrible Film. Here’s Why.



By Tim Smith

The Fast And The Furious is a witless film full of bags of douche all driving around being witless and acting like bags of douche. Somehow, it’s fun.

If, like me, you need to know a bit more about why you think The Fast And The Furious is a film with witless bags of douche walking around doing witless bags of douche things, there is now a handy guide.


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14/03/2014 · 15:04

No Rest For McLaren


By Tim Smith

Apollo was the God of health, prophetism, music, and poetry. One of the symbols that represented him in this, the material world, was, and is, the laurel.

At the Pythian Games, the ancient precursor to the modern age’s Olympic Games, a laurel wreath was handed to victor’s in honour of Apollo, who’s name the games were held in honour of.

With the hijacking of Greek culture from both the Roman’s and perhaps by proxy, the Christian’s the laurel wreath continued to be a symbol of victory.

To this day laurel wreaths are given out to champions wherever Western society has touched. That is to say, pretty much everywhere.

This history of leaves is where we get the term ‘resting on our laurels’. In other words, resting on our victories.

The best do not rest. McLaren know this:

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11/03/2014 · 16:27

Seat Leon Cupra Takes The Biggest Willy, Ahem, Fastest FWD ‘Ring Record From Renault


By Tim Smith

Ah, Mr Megane, I presume. I hear your’e still walking around with all of that swagger, all of that confidence of someone who holds a record over at the ‘ol ‘ring? I even hear you’ve had a bit of cosmetic surgery done on yourself, keeping things fresh, eh?

I know, I know, you’re not the most compromising thing out there but you’ve got the power, right?

Well, I’ve just got a figure I wanna throw your way:


Remember it well, eh?

Look, we can even watch a bit of you doing all of that time, driving around, taking the lines, getting all fast on the straits.

Ah, but Mr Megane, I have a new figure for you:


Sounds silly, eh? The bugger must be undrivable on an actual road?

I dunno, but here’s the footage:


04/03/2014 · 16:25

This Citroen BX ‘Tribute’ Keeps Making Me Laugh


By Tim Smith

I have no idea what just happened in the last four and a bit minutes so I’ve decided to share my ‘experience’.

At the 2:08 mark it actually looks like this a BX is humping the road. Also, the soundtrack.


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27/02/2014 · 13:33

Turkish Advert In Street Fighter Car Insurance Smash-Em-Up


By Tim Smith

I was rubbish at Street Fighter. I just didn’t have the patience for the button sequence learning and application. Funnily enough I had it for GT’s Nordschleife, and I still have it for trying to get a LMP1 car around La Sarthe set on hard in Forza 4. Oh well.

Either way, my favourite levels on Street Fighter involved kicking the living piss out of a car.

Well guess what. Someones only gone and done a  car insurance advert with that premise in mind.


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25/02/2014 · 18:24