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Google Autonomous Car Round-Up

Google, those scamps that know everything about you, have, over the last couple of days gone all press crazy with the release of various bits of PR relating to its new baby autonomous car. Or e-car. I think. This post will be a short round up of what the various news sources have been saying, along with some videos by Google themselves.

First up, the Conservative party’s megaphone, the Daily Telegraph, and a piece that is not only pro, but, in a slightly back-handed way, questions the validity of the HS-2 rail project.

‘It changes, too, even the biggest infrastructure projects: HS2 may go very fast, but so can cars and these ones will pick you up from where you are and take you where you need to be, slashing total travelling time.’

Fair point.


The BBC, with a fairly bland piece, explain the in’s and out’s…


This is google themselves, taking the safety angle. Really this is the most obvious thing to talk about, because no matter how many people-caused traffic deaths we experience, something involving a machine is always going to seem that bit more difficult to articulate.


The Guardian, have done a bare bones report, but through the New York Times, address why there are no controls.


The indefatigable Jalopnik have not only covered the news, but posed a QOTD. Interesting angle, really. Getting to the centre of what people think about something is often about fear or happiness.


Car don’t seem to be interested. Autocar, on the other hand, straight from the typing fingers of Lewis Kingston have written what is probably the most simple and informative piece of them all.


But then something funny happened. Looking for a laugh I rolled up to the that supplier of fear and hate, the Daily Mail. And do you know what? Actually, it is them who have done the best job. Comments section still makes for entertaining reading, though…

Seen anything else that’s grabbed you? Comment below.


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Fiat By Brian Blessed

Special editions. Who needs em, eh? They’re all Laser this or By Gucci that.


Well, as it turns out we all need them. Or, at least those of you who are considering a freshly constructed Fiat Panda 4×4.


For a quoted £14,895 OTR you can get a Panda 4×4 with, from what I can see from Fiat’s online configurator, options that should take it up to about £15,100 OTR. Interested? Well, unless that penguin sticker is a delete option I may just wait until there’s another special edition, or better yet, haggle.

But what, say you, are the alternatives?

Well, I have a plan, based on basically no sense whatsoever apart from the aching desire to drive something with caterpillar tracks.

First, we buy this Toyota Lucida. It has 4WD and a massive amount of room. Also, like the advert says, it is a ‘quality car at an affordable price(s)’. That’s all the convincing I need.


Next, we buy a TrackNGo Wheel Driven Track System. Theyre $25,000, but in GPB that’s about 15 grand.


Then, we get Brian Blessed/Prince Vultan and his winged warriors to fly the tracks over the Atlantic. I’d bet he’d laugh in the big fat face of such a task, after all he’s Brian Blessed/Prince Vultan. I reckon he may even do it for free.


But let’s say he doesn’t. I’ll flip him a twenty, enough for him and three of his winged warriors to get a coffee and sausage roll from Greggs, and have change.

Finally, for just a bit more than owning a brand new Fiat Panda 4×4 Antartica with penguin decals and £205 worth of free kit we get a huge, probably unreliable Toyota with go anywhere ability.

I think I’ve made my case clear.

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22/01/2014 · 15:25

Something, Something, Cows In Cars

I’m finding my feet with this whole putting-up-news-stories thing, so please bear with me.


However, a friend of mine loves cows. So this story left me a warmed by a picture of four of the velvet-eared idiots stuffed into the boot of a Proton.


Please note I have not used any Bos primigenius based puns

Also, CBBC is a valid news source.

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Half Rice, Half Chips.

I like Beef Stroganoff. The restaurant I work for makes Beef Stroganoff. The Porsche 911 is like Beef Stroganoff.

Actually, it’s nothing like Beef Stroganoff, but if I were to sit down at my place of work and order Beef Stroganoff, I’d have a side of chips. The Beef Stroganoff the restaurant I work for sells already comes with rice, but because I’m a crazy Mother Humper I’d have chips aswell. It makes the meal heavier, saltier and probably less refined, but what the hey, I want rice and chips.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Porsche 911 Targa:



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There Are One Million Focus’ Out There. That Is A Lot

A cherry red Focus, equipped with the petrol, one litre, turbo motor, has unwittingly become the millionth of its kind. Not just the millionth Focus, but the millionth Mk3 Focus. Whichever way you cut it, that is a lot of Focus’/Foci.


Lets try to imagine that

Using Parkers excellent website, we can find that the MK3 Focus is 4358mm long by 2010mm wide. That gives us a total area of 8759mm or 8.8 square metres. I’ve rounded this figure up a tad, not just for ease, but to allow some sort of parking distance between these million vehicles.

So that times a MILLION is 8.8 Million square metres or 8800 square kilometres. That’s very nearly Norfolk and Suffolk put together. For the international readers, that’s just a bit bigger than ONE MILLION Ford Focus’/Foci parked very closely together.

Here’s a picture of a Focus in the wild:


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News 22/03/13′


Guten Morgen on this day of Fri. This is the premiere edition of the Friday news, and seeing as I’m sat around inhaling coffee I may as well do a bit of the ol’ summing up for you.

Seen the new Corvette Stingray yet? No?


Now you have. Looks rather good, a little fussy in places, but perhaps a couple of paces in the right direction to America getting its car mojo back. For what I’m sure are many, many non-reasons (unqualified ‘opinions’) GM design director Tom Peters has had to get up in front of a camera and justify the look of the Stingray. This video was so boring my local grid decided to cut me off and for fifteen whole and technology free minutes I had to carry on the drudgery of reading another English Novel about someone having another mid-life crisis.

Are these two events related? No. What can be certain is that Callaway (creators of the forgotten ‘Sledgehammer’) are ‘thinking of making a shooting-break version. Looks like all of that ‘thinking has produced a whole car! Does this make them like God? Has this paragraph suddenly become a little blasphemous? Not more on this later.

Earnest Hemingway stands as a monolith and all round foundation to the domination by the American novel in the modern age. A monolith, that to my knowledge, didn’t really (I’m open to correction on this) eulogise the motorcar in any substantial way. No matter, Gran-Torino botherer David ‘Hutch’ Soul has got all up in Cuba’s grill by going right over there to restore one of Hemingway’s cars. There are questions hanging over this:

  1. Will this be more about ‘Hutch’ than Hemingway?
  2. Why did Autoblog call Mr Soul a ‘writer’?
  3. How much will the ‘Hutch’ reference back seat action?

Seriously, though, stuff like this (for example, the thoroughly lovely Petrolicious) always comes back to the owner. The human is the interesting part in this type of car biography. Seeing as there’s no Hemingway to swear and punch at us, what’s left?

I know this happened a couple of weeks ago, but the Kia Provo story picked (made) up by the Daily Mail (in a completely sane and non-knee jerky way, you understand) actually reads like we should all be smelling something small and furry. Yes, they seem annoyed, but there is a wonderful little PR push about the Kia’s drive train seemingly just cut and pasted into the epicentre of the article. Of course, it could be lazy journalism, but who could accuse the nation’s leading factophobes of that?

I think everybody’s seen this:

Clearly, the copper’s in the wrong, but the guy in the ‘truck’ does seem to be a little close. And he’s filming the whole thing using his phone. I would recommend a dash-cam any day of the lunar cycle. There are ways to do this:

Sometimes PR disappears so far up its own digestive tract……. – sorry blacked out there- anyway:

And last of all; MAKE YOUR OWN DEATHRAT! –sorry- RAY! Clearly clemency plays a big part in this ‘experiment’ and range could be an issue, but –sentence removed pending legal advice-.


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