Lord Drayson Is Your New Master, Bow Down On To The Electrified Ground Beneath His Feet.

By Tim Smith

Lord Drayson (of much EV racing car and Electric Land Speed Record fame), has announced, together with Imperial Innovations plc, the formation of a new company, Drayson Wireless.

You may remember Drayson from him leaving a high placed government defence procurement position to go and take part in Le Mans. You may also remember him from this Chris Harris video. If none of these ring a bell, then maybe, in the coming years you’ll remember him because his name might just be stickered over everything that carries and moves in London.

Drayson in the middle. Some famous bloke on the right.

Drayson in the middle. Some famous bloke on the right.

The new company will work on the application of wireless charging technologies over the coming years. It’s a fair bet that vehicles with predictable patterns of use such as busses, taxis and delivery vehicles will be the first to take advantage of the technology.

Indeed Qualcomm (a tech company that part of Drayson’s team have taken experience from) already have a foothold in this area.

The other half of the partnership, Imperial Innovations, is a technology company specialising in the transfer of high-end new technologies in both the bio and mechanical sectors. In 2005 they signed a deal with Imperial College London to commercialise technology derived from the research that takes place there.

Make no mistake, this is a major move on a future large scale that could see Lord Drayson secure a monopoly on an emerging and potentially enormous market.

It is nice to think, though, that parts of London may become hushed and somewhat (for London, at least) calm.




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