Beaulieu Motor Museum Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True.

By Tim Smith

I don’t know about you (as I wasn’t there, or maybe I was? Are you Shaun Rudge?) but during my particular childhood, I liked nothing better than doing great big long lines of my toy cars and moving them one by one around the house.

There was simply no better pleasure in life. Apart from picking my nose. Or imagining what it would be like to have Kimberly Short as my girlfriend. This may have been last week.



Whateve’s, my broken child-heart, isn’t the issue, here. What is of upmost importance, is that I communicate to you that this simple pleasure will now be recreated on a grand scale. I can only guess that it’s a tribute to my glorious childhood, and my rise to power in amongst this widely read and highly successful blog. That something in the region of 5 people read yesterday.

If you want to see this record breaking feat of line making get yourself down to Beaulieu Motor Museum, this Monday 5th of May, where you should be able to see 15,000 plus (FIFTEEN THOUSAND – the ten-year-old me just wet himself) cars arranged in a line doing quite a good impression of a miniature Transfagarasan. Or at least I hope so, because that would all of the bank holiday’s awesome taken care of.

Quentin, or Quezza, as I will now refer to him as. We're like this *wraps middle finger (Quezza) around index finger (me)*

Quentin, or Quezza, as I will now refer to him as. We’re like this *wraps middle finger (Quezza) around index finger (me)*

The line will include cars donated by woman’s right’s botherer Sir Stirling Moss, awesome second-hand car guru (he replied to one of my tweets today, that makes him awesome) Quentin Willson, posho driving ace VB-H and some bloke called Nick Mason. Who done some drumming, or something.

The cars were collected by 21 branches of a certain food retailer, and once the cars have finished their Friday-afternoon-in-Cheltenham impression they will be sold off to the benefit of Naomi House and Jacksplace Hospices.





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