Dream Boating With Meaden and Sutcliffe In A Ferrari Is The Actual Best

By Tim Smith

Last night as I closed my eye shutters and drifted off to the ol’ dreamland (where stuff happens in public with no pants on and that TVR I thought I was driving had turned into a bike and I’m somehow lost in a garden centre) something of the YouTube vids I’d watched must have lodged in the ol’ mind grapes because I dreamed that wheel/pen smiths Sutcliffe and Meaden were having dinner with me.
It was Meaden’s birthday and we were all out in Clifton sipping wine and exchanging anecdotes. We had a capital time.
I told ’em all about how I had trouble telling the difference between them when I first discovered Autocar and Evo had YouTube channels. They took it well.
The real reason we’re here is to put three Ferrari The Ferrari videos in one place.
First up is Top Gear Magazine’s. It’s a tease, this one . All noise and zooming about.

Next up is Sutcliffe. He does get rather excited:

Last is Meaden. If anything, he seems a little underwhelmed. Perhaps he’s just had some bad news or something. Either way, one of the most interesting things about the video is that you can actually watch him learn the limits of the car. As the video moves on you can watch him hold onto the gears longer, squeeze the big Ferrari a bit harder. Coupled with his dry delivery it makes for an interesting contrast:

Now, I believe that’s all of today’s Ferrari taken care of.


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