Get Your Looking Gear ‘Round This Fisker Designed Motorbike

By Tim Smith

Henrik Fisker, turns out, wasn’t able to forge a new car manufacturer, no matter how cool his designs were.

Still, other industrialists, namely one Anders Kirk Johanson, a member of the Lego dynasty, are happy to give him access to the stationary cupboard, and all our eyes can be thankful for that.

Smooth, with a capital Ooo.

Smooth, with a capital Ooo.

That is new concept bike designed by Fisker, goes by the name of Viking Concept, powered by a 45-degree V-twin, shouting 100bhp to all you pass.

Paging Dr Freud...

Paging Dr Freud…

Much is made in the release that this 299kg hunk of showing off is EU IV compliant. It’s the first motorcycle to meet the new emmision guidelines. I’m not sure someone paying the sort of money that buys you the Viking’s bigger brother would care, but it shows commitment from the little manufacturer.

V-twin is V-twinny.

V-twin is V-twinny.

Like it? Let Lauge Jenson know, and they might build it for you.

Oh, and if you’re Wayne Rooney, you have a picture of yourself on your motorcycle, because of course you do.


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