Silverstone Auction’s First Restoration Show Sale Will Take Your Money And Your Heart

By Tim Smith

I’ve got a double shift to do today, so I’m not going to be able to dedicate the time I’d like to today’s post, but, suffice to say, get a bit of your time together and check out the lot list for Silverstone Auctions’ first Restoration Show Sale.

The auction itself goes down next Saturday the 12th of April (2014 if you’re reading this in the future, in which case, are we all speaking Russian, now?) and my goodness, there’s some good stuff going. Here’re my three favourites:




All of that is an Allard P1. It look’s great. Performance isn’t so great, but then this is a car from 1951. The original engine is a Ford ‘Flathead’ V8. A large proportion of the bits that make Allards go and stop are Ford sourced, so the actual restoration of making the thing move shouldn’t (famous last words etc…) be too hard.

I reckon, with money being not a thing, get that body looking brilliant, find some modern running gear and drive around looking, not only deeply cool, but also, as the mood takes you, perhaps go hunting M5’s and the like. Oh and the windscreen hinges at the top so you can hoist it up when the sun’s out. Yes it does.





The Renault Sport Spider does not come with a roof. Repeat The Renault Sport Spider Does Not Come With A Roof. It does, however come with a F7R engine with 150bhp that only needs to push around 970kg.

These things are only going to get more expensive and the auction estimate is already high at 14-18,000 Stirlings. If you’ve got the room to store it and the money to track it, do so now. This lovely little thing is surely a future unicorn car in the making.



This is a 1935 Morris flat-bed lorry. Spend loads of time on it, get it right, and do this. That is all.

What’s your favourite? Comment’s below.


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