Hyundai ‘Accidently’ Remake Freaky Friday

By Tim Smith

A few years ago anything Hyundai or Kia made was a great opportunity to get the ol’ pen/sword out and write a character assassination (blimey, didn’t know there were so many s’ in there) against an inanimate object. Doing this sort of thing is always fun as Anton Ego will attest. Things have changed, though, Kia and Hyundai have come a loooong way. As a Hyundai ix35 drove past me the other day, I thought to myself:

‘…press the button, oh nice, double yellows and bad parking I’ve always wanted a 635i but their just too, remember that girl, she had polkadots, and pizza, yeah that place was rubbish, liked the manager though, cross, oop, gotta run, do these trainers make me bounce, oh and what are those things called? look at the back always look like a geek doing this, ix35, actually alright…’

Or something along those lines.

Either way, far from actually highlighting this change around, Hyundai appears to have gone with what appears to be a jaunty look on mental illness, wait, let’s be kind….

A sixty-year-old in a yellow dress and a young woman's body

A sixty-year-old in a yellow dress and a young woman’s body

Hyundai appear to have remade Freaky Friday, except this time instead of a mother-daughter swap the first advert supposes what would happen if you put a sixty-year-old lech inside of a young woman’s body (clue, he/she does actually leave the house).

The second proposes a swap between a socially awkward teenaged boy and his possibly bullying father (which may or may not be why the boy/dad is so socially awkward).

Thoughts? Comment below.



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