There Is A New London Taxi And It Looks Quite Good

With no sign of a new LTI , and with Nissan looking like it’s going to dominate the world taxi business (replacing New York Crown Victoria’s for all that is holy’s sake) I was beginning to think (actually I did think) that it was all over for the iconic, if noisy, smelly and generally unpleasant London Taxi cab. C’mon, it was, and is.

Well, there does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel for those who like their national icons to be kept home grown.

And it’s ugly. My goodness, it’s ugly. But it is home grown. And it does look like it could be viable. And it is home grown. And Boris Johnson said ‘it’s absolutely beautiful’. Yes he did. Oh, and it’s home grown.

Nice wheel trims.

Nice wheel trims.

I really really want this to succeed.

It’s driven by a one-litre petrol engine, which, as far as I can make out, serves as a generator to a 12.2kW Li-ion polymer cell pack. Two electric motors of 50kWs each can power the cab to a restricted 80mph. All of this promises 75mpg with less than 50g/km of the ol’ CO2.

It also features full wheel chair access and six seats with an optional seventh in the front.

Now Boris Johnson is not a small man but he looks like an adolescent sat in his mummy’s car (0:21 onwards). This thing looks big. But good. Possibly great.


really want this to succeed. Just work on the styling a bit? Please?


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