Some Actors Will Tell You All About Some Shipbuilding.

By Tim Smith

I used to have a friend (imagine that, if you will) that took part in re-enactments. She would go to fields at the weekend where all other people and stuff would dress up in period clothing and push and shove and generally re-enact a battle from a few centuries ago.

Mostly, as far as I can make out, it was great chance to drink enough mead to make you go blind and/or lose the ability to speak/stand. Or re-enact a battle, probably.

Ah, you’re thinking, that sounds like fun. How could I possibly get in on that kind of historical action, but also involve some ship building? And some actors.

Welly, well, this Easter, from the 5th to the 21st of April you too can experience going to a village where some actors will tell you about what it’s like to live in the past.

Some actors.

Some actors.

They’ll be a Henry Adams actor who will tell you what it was like to build some of Nelson’s fleet. There will be a Balthazar actor who will also be able to tell you what it was like to build some of Nelson’s fleet and what it was like to be Henry’s son and there will be a  ‘labourers wife’ who will tell you what it’s like to be unnamed in history and not have pictures painted of you, or historians talk about you much. Probably.

Some excited children.

Some excited children.

My favourite bit is there will be an Inn re-enactment. The PR says that ‘you can hear residents from the time gossiping about local matters’. Holy of holy’s. If only that were true.

Some Buckler's Hard.

Some Buckler’s Hard.

‘Joking’ aside I can honestly say that discovering how the ‘ell you build massive eff-off battleships with mostly wood and hands looks quite interesting. The village where all of this is set, Buckler’s Hard (stop sniggering at the back, there), was also where sections of the Mulberry Harbours were fabricated. Significant parts of the D-day landing fleet left here just under seventy years ago. Buckler’s Hard is fairly drenched (yep, just typed that) in maritime history.

Interested? Click here

Also, the video on the above linked webpage.

Yeah, that.




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