The e-Bann Ariel Rider Electric Bicycle Will Go Really Well With My Beard.

By Tim Smith

Are you a millennial? Are you a hipster? If, like me, you do happen to fall guiltily into one of these totalising phrases that makes you look like a douche, but that’s actually just who you are, then e-Bann may have something for you.

Sports jacket and trainers not pictured.

Sports jacket and trainers not pictured.


Da, Na! See that? That’s the e-Bann Ariel Rider electric bicycle. And, I know, it’s all, erm, hipstery, but do you know what? I actually quite like it. It sort of looks like a trials bike from about eighty years ago or something.

e-Bann Ariel Rider - beard pictured.

e-Bann Ariel Rider – beard pictured.


As far as I can make out from the rather vague press release it’s all about the hand stitching and the details. But what about the figures and outputs and the chargings? Well it has a range of up to 60km if you do a bit of the pedalling and 40km if you are a bit lazy and don’t do anything except coast on a cloud of your own smug.

Also available in white.

Also available in white.


Output of the motor (I think – there was a long exchange of e-mails between myself and the lovely person handling the PR for the e-Bann Ariel) seems to be in the 1.1kw range. All of this is powered around by a 48V, 500W Li-ion battery with a recharge time of 4.5 hours.

I have to say, this doesn’t compare well to the Greyp based bike that Qoros claimed they’d built last month. That bike will recharge in about a third of the time, can push out almost twelve times the power and has twice the range. But. Well, actually, but nothing.

Hipster stand off.

Hipster stand off.


I still fancy it though. Living in hilly Bristol is all fine and sweet, sweet shandy, but having something else do the work of walking up all hills and stuff would occasionally be nice. Which is why I’ve asked the good people at Ariel on whether I could sample a press bike when they make it over here in May. They said ‘maybe’. I suspect pointing out that another bike is quite a bit better *might* have lost me that chance, but what the hey, it’s still a rather good looking thing. And I’d still ride it around, being all smug with my beard and jeans and trainers and sports jacket.

Yes I would.


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