Mitsubishi… Wait For It… BOOOOOST!

By Tim Smith

See that exclamation mark? All the way up there in the title? Well, my readers, that signifies nothing if you’re on FaceBook and you’re lending me some more sage advice about life or a good poo you’ve done recently, but here it stands for OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH… and so on and so forth:

FQ 440. Mitsubishi's 40th birthday present to itself. There will be 40. They will all be white. 40.

FQ 440. Mitsubishi’s 40th birthday present to itself. There will be 40. They will all be white. 40.

Well, that there is the new (old) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ 440 MR. And in case you forgot about the early part of this century, Evo special editions used to have the prefix ‘Q’ meaning ‘quick’ and then someone in Cirencester (full of posho’s, the odd royal and, as it happens, Mitsubishi’s UK’s HQ) decided to add an ‘F’ to that. No prizes for guessing what that stood for. And it is not falafel.

So figs, for shits and gigs?

Well, as the name suggests 440bhp at 6800rpm and a rather twisty 412lb.ft at a not so low 3100rpm. Which all sounds like a recipe for, wait for it… no seriously, it’s just got to… whooooaaaaaaaaaaTurboLaaaaaaaaggggg….

How have they achieved this?

Basically by throwing most of the Janspeed catalogue at whoever performs these sort of mod’s. Think of that scene in The Fast And The Furious where they lay all the parts out on the floor:

  • Bespoke engine ECU re-map
  • HKS turbo
  • Janspeed exhaust system with a high-flow sports catalytic convertor
  • Janspeed intake & intercooler piping kit
  • Janspeed tubular manifold
  • Motorsport specification high-flow fuel injectors
  • Alcon front braking system – 6 pot mono-block front calipers with floating disc and bell assembly
  • Alcon rear caliper with floating disc and bell assembly
  • Eibach coil springs

If I’m honest this sort of car still tickles me, but for 50K you could have an M235i (which may or may not try to kill you if you hurl it down a wet airfield at over 100mph, which, with all of the 4WD elastic trickery that the Evo has, it most certainly won’t) and have enough to buy an Evo VI for doing some amateur rallycross at the weekend.

It’s cool, no doubt, and, as 40th birthday presents go (this edition is to celebrate 40 years of Mitsubishi) it’s a good one, but c’mon Mitsubishi. You make ships, for crying out loud, can we have an exciting range of cars as well?




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2 responses to “Mitsubishi… Wait For It… BOOOOOST!

  1. If only I could come up with ideas faster. Sooo want
    to set-up a site similar to this.

  2. Magnificent! Got to share 🙂

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