No Rest For McLaren


By Tim Smith

Apollo was the God of health, prophetism, music, and poetry. One of the symbols that represented him in this, the material world, was, and is, the laurel.

At the Pythian Games, the ancient precursor to the modern age’s Olympic Games, a laurel wreath was handed to victor’s in honour of Apollo, who’s name the games were held in honour of.

With the hijacking of Greek culture from both the Roman’s and perhaps by proxy, the Christian’s the laurel wreath continued to be a symbol of victory.

To this day laurel wreaths are given out to champions wherever Western society has touched. That is to say, pretty much everywhere.

This history of leaves is where we get the term ‘resting on our laurels’. In other words, resting on our victories.

The best do not rest. McLaren know this:


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11/03/2014 · 16:27

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