I’ve Just Found Something New To Feel Excited About


By Tim Smith

Cars International is a business built around restoring, maintaining, and supplying high performance road and racing cars.

Go check out the website. My current favourite is the 914/6 GT they have for sale.

There's a 2.7 911 flat six back there.

There’s a 2.7 911 flat-six back there.

It really is a thing of rare brilliance. Something small with a big heart.

Of main interest, though is the Jordan Grand Prix team sale they are currently handling. Included among the trophies (although quite why you’d want someone else’s trophy, I’m unable to understand) is the first Jordan F1 car built, chassis no. 01.

A couple of cars and someone else's trophies.

A couple of cars and someone else’s trophies.

A former partner to a certain M.Schumacher, this car comes with the former champion’s helmet, signed by the man himself.

Schumacher wos 'ere.

Schumacher wos ‘ere.

Also included in the sale is the first grand Prix winning Jordan, chassis no. 198. Driven to victory by Damon Hill in the 1998 Belgian GP, it features the rather excellent bee-livery.

Damon Hill did actually win. Sometimes.

Damon Hill did actually win. Sometimes.

You can find the sale on the Cars International website (link imbedded at the top of the article, and, for that matter, here) and all proceeds from the auction will go to CLIC sergeant, or the Amber Foundation.


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