Qoros ‘Designs’ An Electric Bike. It’s Not Rubbish.



By Tim Smith

This is the Qoros eBIQE.

Cool, huh.

Cool, huh.

The name could be an acronym, or it could just be a bit stupid, either way, it’s a cool looking thing.

Qoros say it has up to a 120km range, and depending on which one of the three driving/riding modes selected it can chuck up to 12kW and 200Nm of power through the rear driven wheel.


Recharge time is 80 minutes ‘from any regular power outlet’. Which, actually, would be pretty handy.

Qoros say it’s connected to something called the QorosQloud, which, presumably, is like the Cloud only you can’t go anywhere except where Qoros tell you to. This feature will allow you to work out routes (handy) and meet up with others via social media (unsure-about-how-handy).

The bike itself, is of course, based on something else. In fact, it’s quite heavily based on something else. In fact you could almost describe the concept as a paint-job.

Whateve’s. It does show that Qoros are intent on doing slightly interesting things.

I’m not going to get drawn into saying something like the ‘Chinese’ are coming, but Qoros, you can be sure, are.




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