Would You Adam And Eve.. Cliche, Cliche, Cliche.


By Tim Smith

The Vauxhall Adam, apart from having a stupid name, is all dog/fox faced and super shiny. Frankly, it’s not really aimed at me. You know, someone who likes cars, someone who doesn’t just see them as a trinket, or a status symbol.

In case you forgot its tiny little name.

In case you forgot its tiny little name.

That could be about to change, though.

Wait, didn’t I just write that in the last post about electric vans or something? Isn’t it a cliche to start with an introduction then say something like ‘that could be about to change?’

I guess that would be called the conflict point of the story. So what about the resolution?

Well, The Vauxhall Adam has just been given a more powerful engine, that could, just could, make it as fun as the Fiat 500 Abarth.

This is its front.

This is its front.

Imagine that. A Fiat 500 Abarth that I can actually find a comfortable seating postion in.

The details are a 1.4, 4 cylinder, 150ps turbo-charged internal combustion engine with variable valve timing. But then, Vauxhall always have been good at engines. It’s the handling we can worry about.

And this its back.

And this its back.

Interestingly, it’s called the Adam S. No, you silly sausage, not the Adam F, that would be the Drum and Base producer, maker and all round son of Alvin Stardust Adam F. No, this little Vauxhall will be called the Adam S. Not the Adam VXR. Does that mean that a hotter, faster Adam is on the way?

Either way, the pocket-rocket (ugh) will be available for actual people to buy with actual money later on this year.


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