Seat Leon Cupra Takes The Biggest Willy, Ahem, Fastest FWD ‘Ring Record From Renault


By Tim Smith

Ah, Mr Megane, I presume. I hear your’e still walking around with all of that swagger, all of that confidence of someone who holds a record over at the ‘ol ‘ring? I even hear you’ve had a bit of cosmetic surgery done on yourself, keeping things fresh, eh?

I know, I know, you’re not the most compromising thing out there but you’ve got the power, right?

Well, I’ve just got a figure I wanna throw your way:


Remember it well, eh?

Look, we can even watch a bit of you doing all of that time, driving around, taking the lines, getting all fast on the straits.

Ah, but Mr Megane, I have a new figure for you:


Sounds silly, eh? The bugger must be undrivable on an actual road?

I dunno, but here’s the footage:



04/03/2014 · 16:25

2 responses to “Seat Leon Cupra Takes The Biggest Willy, Ahem, Fastest FWD ‘Ring Record From Renault

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    • autoeclectic

      I know! People reading and junk! Well, there’s certainly a lesson to be learned here. And that is, if you place the word ‘willy’ in a post then you’re gonna receive a special type of spam.

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