Rallycross Is Getting Interesting Again


By Tim Smith

What with the upcoming BTCC season looking properly mint this year (yes, I just typed that) with loads of different car’s on the menu (see what I did there?) and F1 throwing everything up into the air with radical new regs, 2014 is forming into what could be a rather excellent motor racing year.

Guess what, it just got a bit better. About 33% better.

Remember Rally Cross? Yeah, it was big in the 70’s and 80’s but apart from the odd spot on Top Gear it’s been somewhat marginalised over the last twenty years or so.

Well, all of that just changed. Last week Kenny Block announced to the world that he would be competing in Rally Cross, and yesterday, he was joined by Top Gear America’s Tanner Foust.

As you may you may or may not know ol’ Tanner is a dab hand at the ol’ motor racing being a two times champion in the ‘States based Global Rallycross Championship and sporting ten X-games medals which I imagine he never takes off. Let’s face it, if I had ten medals I’d never take them off and neither would you. We’d all walk around with massive smug grins high fiving each other and being all shiny.

You can watch him and all of his competitors on British Eurosport from May the 4th at 2:00pm. It’ll be live. Perhaps we could watch it together?

In the mean time, here is a picture of Tanner in a tee-shirt:

Oooo, he's so mysterious...

Oooo, he’s so mysterious…


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