Nissan Drivers Are Dirty So And So’s



By Tim Smith

Nissan driver’s are the dirtiest buggers on the road. But then you knew that, didn’t you. Did you not?

Survey’s are tricky, tricky things. You say that Nissan drivers clean their cars less, but then what is the underlying reason for that? Are there less tradesmen in Nissan’s than any other make? Are there more? Are tradesmen less or more likely to clean their vehicle regularly?

Similarly, if you state that 49% of the UK population wash their cars ‘at least once a month’ but your sample size is 1139 drivers large, what if any, validity does that statement have?

But do you know what? Who cares. Because infographics are cool.

Here, courtesy of IMO Car Wash group is an infographic with all facts that may or may not be representative of some kind of truth:


Personally, I think that looks more like a Tatra…


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