Audi’s Team Building Is Better Than Yours



by Tim Smith

Think about your dream jobs. I’d go for Star Ship captain (this is my head and my rules) Ferdinand Piech’s life, and/or test driver/pilot. What are yours?

Well, you’d better add another to the list ’cause Audi Motorsport just told us that all of our aspiration is worth nothing.


Your dreams are worth nothing. NOTHING.

Imagine that your job is something important within the Audi DTM or WEC team and we already have a winner. Now what do you ‘spose they do for training and team building? Do they go to that meeting venue where they serve those nice little sandwiches and the Woman/Man doing the presentation on presentation skills is kinda hot?


Do they go to the Forest Of Dean where you all build a raft and that nice girl out of accounts turned out to be a Bad-Ass Mother Effer?


Do they go down the pub and drink until someone has a cry, someone else is sick and you end up trying to snog someone inappropriate.


They get both of those teams and they send them to Lanzarote where they canoe, swim, do some volleyball on each other and generally train and look awesome. That’s what they do.

Oh, and they also train for media interview’s which I cant help but think looks a little like this.

Audi: We both salute and spit at you.

The man at the front doesn't seem to have got whats going on. But he's still having a better time than you.

The man at the front doesn’t seem to have got what’s going on. But he’s still having a better time than you.



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