Motorpoint In Valentines-Car Link.



By Tim Smith

If I asked you how far you’d go to impress a lover on Valentines day, I’m pretty sure the first question you’de fire back would be, ‘money no object?’

‘Why, yes’, I’d say. ‘Fill those size tens of yours’.

You’d probably say things like trips to Paris or Diamonds or Kittens or trips to fancy restaurants where the head chef is all on the telly. You’d at least attempt to say something vaguely cliched.

At a rough estimate, it would be thirty six minutes into this list of things that I’ve forced you to recite, around about the time that you are either a bit scared or strategising on how you are going to get to that bit of piping in the corner of the room, that you would say, through gritted teeth, ‘a car?’

However, if I asked you directly, ‘would you buy a partner a car for Valentines day?’ about two-thirds of you would shrug, or look at me like I’m a mad-man, or, like that woman who tried to pair me off with her sixteen-year-old daughter, the other day, until I told her I was TWENTY EIGHT, and she just stopped talking to me and just turned her back, you would just turn your back.


It is with some comedy that after Motorpoint asked their customers directly (500 of em’) ‘would you buy your partner a new car especially for Valentines day?’ that only one-third said yes. Strangely this is good news and something to be shared by Motorpoint.

Now, hardy, har, har, you say, but the fact is that I had to e-mail a nice person who works for Motorpoint to confirm that they had, indeed asked the question directly. And that person was nice to me.

So now I feel guilty.

Motorpoint 1, Tim Smith 0.

Also, here is a picture Mark Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint. For some reason. Look, he’s all high up. And you’re all down there. On the ground.



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