You And Yours Is Still Skeptical About Electric Cars


By Tim Smith

As I’ve said before, to pay the bills, I work for a restaurant. It’s a nice one. Most of our customers are nice middle England types. You know, Doctors, Accountants, those sorts.

Being ‘just’ a waiter I do occasionally get treated like a naughty dog. It is this same tone of voice that I sometimes hear, that You And Yours (BBC Radio Four’s consumer news programme) uses when they talk about electric cars.

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 15.51.31

Here’s a link to a programme from roughly six months ago (the item starts at about 1:18) where they effectively tell local councils off for spending money on charge points where ‘some of them haven’t been touched in a year.’


Here’s another link (scroll to 5:41) to their almost incredulous feature (broadcast today) on the growing popularity of electric cars. Highlights include the use of the word ‘trendiness’ and an unerring tone of disapproval.


BMW i3, I still love you.



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