Self-Driving Cars, More Stuff To Be Frightened Of.



By Tim Smith



Self-driving cars are coming. Fear sells stuff. Put them together and you have a whole starship of stories that we can all expect to be done on us over the next few years.


The Guardian has reported today that the vice president of global security solutions for Verizon‘s enterprise subsidiary (not as cool as it sounds) has advised that, well, he hasn’t.

I was going to insert a quote saying that ‘self-driving cars will prove an irresistible target for hackers’. Except he didn’t say that. The Guardian did, in their opening par for the piece.

This piece does give off an odour of a reporter phoning a good source and loading questions. Questions, perhaps, like, when will the machines arise? Will hackers drink my children’s blood? Will self-driven cars prove irresistible to hackers? That is to say, will they get up in the morning, nay, not even sleep, because they cannot resist the simple thought of sending you and your family on a joy ride of death. Or something.


Hyperbole aside, as the piece mentions, cars are now more connected than ever, they will only become more connected as the technology matures. It is clear that their will be hurdles to be negotiated, accidents will happen, we should be made aware of the risks, perhaps even a public consultation should take place, but can we please all calm down. Just for a bit?


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