Fiat By Brian Blessed

Special editions. Who needs em, eh? They’re all Laser this or By Gucci that.


Well, as it turns out we all need them. Or, at least those of you who are considering a freshly constructed Fiat Panda 4×4.


For a quoted £14,895 OTR you can get a Panda 4×4 with, from what I can see from Fiat’s online configurator, options that should take it up to about £15,100 OTR. Interested? Well, unless that penguin sticker is a delete option I may just wait until there’s another special edition, or better yet, haggle.

But what, say you, are the alternatives?

Well, I have a plan, based on basically no sense whatsoever apart from the aching desire to drive something with caterpillar tracks.

First, we buy this Toyota Lucida. It has 4WD and a massive amount of room. Also, like the advert says, it is a ‘quality car at an affordable price(s)’. That’s all the convincing I need.


Next, we buy a TrackNGo Wheel Driven Track System. Theyre $25,000, but in GPB that’s about 15 grand.


Then, we get Brian Blessed/Prince Vultan and his winged warriors to fly the tracks over the Atlantic. I’d bet he’d laugh in the big fat face of such a task, after all he’s Brian Blessed/Prince Vultan. I reckon he may even do it for free.


But let’s say he doesn’t. I’ll flip him a twenty, enough for him and three of his winged warriors to get a coffee and sausage roll from Greggs, and have change.

Finally, for just a bit more than owning a brand new Fiat Panda 4×4 Antartica with penguin decals and £205 worth of free kit we get a huge, probably unreliable Toyota with go anywhere ability.

I think I’ve made my case clear.


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22/01/2014 · 15:25

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