Audi, Now With Added Lasers.

Audi has announced its 2014 LMP1 R18 e-tron quattro race-car (aren’t numbers and letters great?) will have LASERS.
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation devices are usually used by DJ’s and/or the military to look cool or bomb stuff or something, but Audi had mounted several mini Lasers onto the front of this years Le Mans competitor with the aim of giving their drivers better night vision.

Audi claims that the Laser Diodes are twice as bright and twice as efficient as the LEDs that will continue to be used for the low-beam setting on the R18.

You know what? All of this information is interesting, cool etc, but while researching what Audi were actually using, whether it could actually be classified as a Laser (it can. It’s very similar to the Laser that scans our shopping, or plays our DVDs) I found the coolest picture of a military scientist ever:



Playing, ahem, sorry, experimenting with Lasers while rocking Aviators. I think that’s all of today’s awesome taken care of.


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