MG3 For All The People

I really want a Rover 75. I believe they are cool. If I can get a pre-facelift in blue with the ‘serpent’ wheels and RWD and a V8 then all’s the better, in the mean-time what else is there from those lovable Brummies?


Well, a dealer in Dudley has reported that the new MG3 has become the ‘fastest selling car he has ever sold’. The new supermini, which has been reasonably well received by the British motoring press, has, according to MG, fetched just under a thousand orders since the first delivery took place in early November last year.

The MG3 (which incidentally, if typed holding down shift on a Mac keyboard comes out as’MG£’) is several orders of magnitude away from troubling the SMMT’s top ten sales charts, but it’s a good start. From the way the car is being marketed and built, I suspect this is a slow start warm-up.

As soon as I get to drive one of the little Brummies you can bet your bottom pounds I’ll have a review for you. Watch this space.


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