To Infiniti And Beyond Times Four.

The good news: interesting, if under achieving, Infiniti have released some pictures and vague details of an M5 rival.

The bad news: ‘The Q50 Eau Rouge is Infiniti to the power of four; like a bull with its shoulder muscles flexed, a bull in Infiniti clothing.’

Blimey, what a mess of images. And paradox’s.


Either way, Infiniti, sorry, Johan de Nysschen, president of Infiniti and consonant botherer, has also said ‘If we build a car like this, I would expect it to feature over 500bhp and 600lb/ft or torque… The engine we are evaluating is a big personality, V-cylinder engine with forced induction.’ Speculators (me just now) have said it will probably be a twin-turbo V8.


Sounds good, although the name Eau Rouge, though evocative, perhaps lacks the punch of BMW M or AMG or Lexus F or Audi Quattro GMBh or whatever other PR related nonsense somebody selling body-kits for Diesel saloons wants to add to the lexicon.

Can I make a suggestion? Ignore fancy names and tee-shirt selling. Just make the damn thing and place a subtle little badge on it saying Q50 S.

That is all.


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