Rush Shmush

Rush, last year’s promised Holy Grail Of The Motoring Enthusiast We’re Not That Sad Really, or HGOTMEWNTSR for handy moments when you don’t want to repeat that whole mess of a poorly punctuated sentence, was, and still is, crap.
Most of you will disagree, but frankly, you’re wrong.
In its place I give you Redline. This is the full movie, and you may need to sign in to see it, but in the words of the first review I could find ‘… there’s so much more: transforming robots, gore, gratuitous nudity, badboys with ridiculous masks, and most importantly, surprise, passion,(1) and joy’.(2)
So, quite a lot like Rush, then. Only with added transforming robots, surprise, passion and joy.
Happy New Year.


1. Gratuitous use of Oxford Comma.

2. Zoth, Thomas (September 24, 2010). “Redline Movie Review: Madhouse takes racing to the next level”. Retrieved January 7th, 2014.


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