XR For i

My Father has a somewhat interesting if rough car history. A fascination with all things mechanical led him to love his machines. We, as a family, were never moneyed enough to have anything exotic but one car will always stick(1) in my mind.


The Ford Sierra had a troubled birth, being widely lambasted by the tabloid press as having  ‘jelly mould’ styling. In an effort to give the car a fighting chance in the stare of poor sales a halo model was commisioned.

The XR4i, again, did not take an easy path. Earlier development models were inadequately powered and the heart of ‘the car you’ve always promised yourself’(2) was installed.


The 4i didn’t sell well, but it did pave the way for the first and last of the European Ford thunder-saloons, the ineffable Sierra Cosworth.

For a certain six-year-old child it looked like everything you would ever want in a car. Not just a single, but double decked spoiler(3) attached to a coupe body with graphicked rear three-quarter windows.


I have still vivid memories of my Father driving it with some abandon. These memories and this car are a part of the culture that makes me.

Today, it would neither see nor hear which way a moderately well driven Mondeo Diesel had come or even gone, but the romance of the car still remains. There are precious few left, and they will probably all go quietly into the void as folly for Ford and an example of poor motoring taste, but please, if you have the chance to own one, treat it well, for it is still part of a small (big) boy’s dream.

Advert reproduced below:

Registered on the Isle of Man from new and is believed to be the last example on the Island
Owned for 25 years with only one previous owner
Unmodified from original specification
93,000 miles PAS SunRoof,
no rust or body damage, interior in good condition
Has been serviced and maintained by the same garage for over 20 years and comes with FSH
In regular use and has been kept garaged
Price: £2225 Or near offer
Advert Type: For Sale
Category: Classic Cars
Make: Ford
Model: Sierra
Model (alt): Sierra XR4i
Year: 1984
Country: UK
Region: Isle of Man
Town: Douglas
Telephone: 07043 235363  (Privacy Service)
Status: Private
E-mail: Contact Advertiser via Email
Listing Date: 21-Jul-2013
Ref: C391725


1. And my Mother’s, as it turns out. (See comments)

2. The later 2.8 ‘Cologne’ V6, not the 3.0 mentioned in the ad…

3. This apparently served no better purpose than creating a certain amount of front end lift/alarm during high-speed driving.


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One response to “XR For i

  1. Gail

    Ah yes the lovely 4i. I loved that car! It was almost as fast as a Porsche! You could sit at the traffic lights and let the boy racers have a go at trying to beat you. I would let them get a few yards ahead of me and then put my foot down and say Eat my dirt! It was swift, smart and seriously cool. Happy Days….sadly you needed a second mortgage to run it.
    £375 for four tyres was an outrageous amount of money back then and God only knew what the insurance was – I didn’t dare ask.
    Amazing fun to drive when most of the roads locally had a 60mph limit on instead of 40mph. It was the only car that I really really really liked. Are you getting my drift??
    Mum – again!!

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