This week, on this day of Thurs (i.e. the correct day for SHCOTW, not Fri as previously…

Sorry, blacked out for a moment, there.

What was I saying? Ah, yes. SHCOTW, the awkwardly named and somewhat unimaginative feature of this not read blog.

Right, so last week a ‘modified’ Land Rover made it in, just pipping a Relient Kitten with a Kawasaki ZZR1100 engine, sequential ‘box, and a roll cage. I wanted to write about that particular concoction this week, but someone seems to have bought it. And is probably dead by now. In a puff of fibreglass. Let’s just take a moment.

May his/her soul, energy, and/or secular spirit rest in peace/go on to an honourable next life/forever nourish the life around us.



It’s go get drunk and stoned on whatevers going and possibly have sex with strangers while listening to music you like and getting muddy time! And I have just the thing for you! It’s this delightfully compact caravan that in no way looks too small but was designed on a CAD system. 


In reality, I actually find this quite tempting…


Now, who’s for an STD?

Advert reproduced below:

For sale, my custom one-of-a-kind Teardrop trailer that i built last year. Perfect for car shows and festivals. I built it as small as possible, but can still sleep two people. As small as possible, proportioned for a classic mini. 

Too many features to mention, here are just some: 
-Custom aerodynamic design, tested in virtual wind tunnel 
-Remote control Mood Lighting 
-Remote control Sony CD/Radio 
-Laser cut panels 
-Qwerky interior design, with anime wallpaper 
-Exterior led ground lighting 
-Minilite alloy wheels 
-Complete Galvanized frame and chassis, roof is galvanized and powder coated, side panels are galvanized. 

This trailer is not based on anything else, its has been completely designed using CAD software and then built from scratch using raw materials. 

Please, no time wasters. 
(since these photos, curtains have been added) 
£2800 ono


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