Boss Hog

Ah, Wednesdays. 

It’s the day I’m supposed to do a review. Friday’s are the day I post a Second-hand car of the week. But what the smell. It’s Wednesday, I have a day off, and I’ve just found this:


Yesiree, that’s a Warthog. It’s not road legal, but then as far as knowledge stretches there are no MOT’s on any of the HALO’s. More importantly The Covenant generally cares more about how much you’re shooting them in the middle of their alien faces than whether the off-side control arm is rotting or not.  

Back in the real world ten thousand medium ones seems a little steep for something that has limited actual use, and being based on an old Land Rover it will almost certainly break down All The Time. Who cares, though, as something to show geeky people (myself included) it has no peer.

Also, JLS.



That is all.



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