Today’s SHCOTW carries with it a certain amount of risk. First, though, why I’m doing these words in the first place.
Typically the idea of SHCOTW was to show some alternative answers to the man on a budget question. Basically, the whole exercise is a complete rip-off of Piston Head’s SOTW. Without the small budget cap. And without the getting paid bit. Also, without the readership. And a small nod to the phrase ‘g’is a job’.
I work in a restaurant. It is a nice restaurant where nice people go with nice food and nice décor. It is precisely not the place you’d expect to find an outspoken socialist with a penchant for cars talking AT people while simultaneously trying to serve them food and definitely not ogling their daughters. Nope.
Last night a nice family came in for a nice birthday celebration. I recognised one of the men, as the last time they’d come in I’d talked AT him about cars while he politely told me about his Ford Puma habit. I recognised his sister (this is where it gets risky), as she was an attractive girl with a distinctive look. Coincidently I’d seen her about town a few days after. This had led to an idea that I might chat to her at some point, perhaps in a pub –remainder of sentence seized under the Tim Smith Sometimes Needs A Filter Act-.
I duly let them know that I remembered them and the reaction, was, well, shock. ‘But that was six months ago’ said one. That went well.

Eventually, with their stomachs filled with goodness (saved by the chef, again) the conversation turned light. Turns out our man with the car habit is restoring a Hillman Imp. ‘My goodness’ I said as I went on to embarrass myself further. ‘A rear engined car with a swing axle’. Imps do not have swing axles. Could this get any worse? Probably.

Anyway, back to the program:
Here is an Imp for sale, and do you know what, it’s kinda cool, don’t you think?



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