News 22/03/13′


Guten Morgen on this day of Fri. This is the premiere edition of the Friday news, and seeing as I’m sat around inhaling coffee I may as well do a bit of the ol’ summing up for you.

Seen the new Corvette Stingray yet? No?


Now you have. Looks rather good, a little fussy in places, but perhaps a couple of paces in the right direction to America getting its car mojo back. For what I’m sure are many, many non-reasons (unqualified ‘opinions’) GM design director Tom Peters has had to get up in front of a camera and justify the look of the Stingray. This video was so boring my local grid decided to cut me off and for fifteen whole and technology free minutes I had to carry on the drudgery of reading another English Novel about someone having another mid-life crisis.

Are these two events related? No. What can be certain is that Callaway (creators of the forgotten ‘Sledgehammer’) are ‘thinking of making a shooting-break version. Looks like all of that ‘thinking has produced a whole car! Does this make them like God? Has this paragraph suddenly become a little blasphemous? Not more on this later.

Earnest Hemingway stands as a monolith and all round foundation to the domination by the American novel in the modern age. A monolith, that to my knowledge, didn’t really (I’m open to correction on this) eulogise the motorcar in any substantial way. No matter, Gran-Torino botherer David ‘Hutch’ Soul has got all up in Cuba’s grill by going right over there to restore one of Hemingway’s cars. There are questions hanging over this:

  1. Will this be more about ‘Hutch’ than Hemingway?
  2. Why did Autoblog call Mr Soul a ‘writer’?
  3. How much will the ‘Hutch’ reference back seat action?

Seriously, though, stuff like this (for example, the thoroughly lovely Petrolicious) always comes back to the owner. The human is the interesting part in this type of car biography. Seeing as there’s no Hemingway to swear and punch at us, what’s left?

I know this happened a couple of weeks ago, but the Kia Provo story picked (made) up by the Daily Mail (in a completely sane and non-knee jerky way, you understand) actually reads like we should all be smelling something small and furry. Yes, they seem annoyed, but there is a wonderful little PR push about the Kia’s drive train seemingly just cut and pasted into the epicentre of the article. Of course, it could be lazy journalism, but who could accuse the nation’s leading factophobes of that?

I think everybody’s seen this:

Clearly, the copper’s in the wrong, but the guy in the ‘truck’ does seem to be a little close. And he’s filming the whole thing using his phone. I would recommend a dash-cam any day of the lunar cycle. There are ways to do this:

Sometimes PR disappears so far up its own digestive tract……. – sorry blacked out there- anyway:

And last of all; MAKE YOUR OWN DEATHRAT! –sorry- RAY! Clearly clemency plays a big part in this ‘experiment’ and range could be an issue, but –sentence removed pending legal advice-.



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2 responses to “News 22/03/13′

  1. D.S.

    It’s not about me, you idiot … Mr. Full-of-youself!

    • autoeclectic

      Is this actual David Soul? Holy, holy, moly. I really have hit some kind of big time.
      I’m not sure I did say it was all about you, nor do I feel I warranted the term ‘idiot’ (a term with its origins in ancient Greece pertaining to a person who does not take part in public life. In fact come to think of it, is not offering an opinion on something contributing in some way? Is it not carrying on the debate so we can reach some sort of truth?) However, I have not seen the finished piece, and cannot fully judge, but I stand by the questions I raised in the piece you refer to. I am open, as mentioned in the piece, to changing my opinion; in fact I extend this to all things. I am also fully open to having a productive conversation about this involving a venue of your choice.



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