Now, I had talked about (in this weeks long-termer piece) how the next choice should be something a little more focused. It was and it wasn’t a pun on the fact that:

  1. I fancied a Ford Focus ST170
  2. Puns are shit.
  3. I’m not funny.
  4. Nobodies reading this, (this is, in fact a ‘joke’ I have stolen from a friend’s politically suspicious, but entirely funny blog) so when a joke falls in a blog and nobody is reading, does it make a sound? (That was a ‘joke’ I made up)
  5. There seems to be no footnote function on WordPress, hence the awkwardly placed brackets ALL THE TIME.
  6. This has gone on too long.

Anyway, those fine young ramblers over at PistonHeads sunk that idea by doing a SOTW piece that made me think again. Also my dad’s Focus has just eaten its own heart, legs and some other anatomical analogy for a clutch. Basically, in his own words, ‘it’s fucked’. So I started looking at other hot hatches. You know the score, GTI-6’s, MkII Golf’s, 106’s, etc, etc… blah, blah, blah, and blah…

Sorry, was boring myself a little there. The end result is this. Don’t ask. Just bask in its hairy chested, fat headed, medallion glowyness. Also, the po-po used them for a time. Does that make them cool? Maybe.

P.S. Because of the lack of pictures in this posting, here is a picture I took of a radio-controlled millenium Falcon:


I believe that’s all of today’s awesome taken care of.



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3 responses to “SHCOTW #1

  1. LORD

    You take that back about puns.

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