Even within the Kingdom of the Professionals there is no such abstraction as objectivity. We are all built upon our cultural presets and experiential resets.


My name is Tim Smith. I am a white, middle class, heterosexual male. I was grown in the Cotswolds. My accent is neutral middle England. I find I like to walk fast.


We cannot get very far into machine culture without mentioning Top Gear.


My favourite machine is neither real nor possible.


In my note-book this proposition is crossed out.


Our ideas of what we like in a machine are as much informed by its aesthetic as of its actual substance.


I will always remember the sound generated by the fuel injection pump on my Father’s Audi Coupe.


At school, in Tetbury, our German teacher  was a Rugby man. All of his metaphors involved teams or games or pitches. I frequently use technology as a metaphor. I am comfortable with this.


All of the machines I own are on a five-year cycle. Until recycling techniques become truly worth it and our machines are truly efficient I will avoid buying anything new.


This part is here because it seemed right to have ten propositions.


This part is here because sometimes we like to turn it up to eleven. Touches like this give a machine or technology its character. Go to the BBC iPlayer. Choose a programme. Adjust the volume. See what I mean?


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  1. correction. You like to walk insanely fast!

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